UNIPOL™ PE Products for Pipe Applications

The UNIPOL™ PE Process produces pipes in the medium and high density range that meet regulatory standards worldwide for potable water, natural gas, and wastewater applications. The high molecular weight, broad molecular weight distribution, and optimized density of these products result in outstanding stress crack resistance and long-term burst strength while preserving good extrusion characteristics. Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance make the UNIPOL™ PE Process pipe grades suitable for a variety of industrial liquid and slurry uses. UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products can meet requirements of both PE80 and PE100 under ISO 9080.

Pressure Pipe – Bimodal HDPE

UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are used for pressure pipe in applications that encompass PE100 and PE4710 (North American) pipe standards. Bimodal HDPE-based pressure pipe products cover a range of pipe applications, including natural gas distribution, water distribution, oil/gas transport, mining applications, and other Industrial applications. Univation’s PRODIGY™ Bimodal HDPE-based pipe products are excellently suited for this application as the resulting pipes have demonstrated PE100 performance with respect to MRS, SCGR and RCP requirements. In addition to this, PRODIGY™ Bimodal Pipe Resin exhibit high extrusion rates and remarkable low-sag performance in large pipes up to 2 meters in diameter.

Pressure Pipe – Unimodal HDPE

UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are used for variety of pressure pipe applications that encompass PE80 pipe standards. Unimodal HDPE-based pressure pipe products cover a range of pipe applications, including irrigation pipes, water distribution, mining applications and industrial applications. UNIPOL™ PE Unimodal-based Pressure Pipe is produced in a single reactor and is the resin of choice for applications requiring ≤ MRS-8 rating. Unimodal pipe grades have excellent processability and are capable of producing high quality pipes with excellent performance properties.

Corrugated Drainage Pipe

UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are used in non-pressure pipe applications that include storm water drainage, sewer water conveyance, and other corrugated pipe applications. UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are often the material of choice due to their high stiffness but still retaining the required toughness. When compounded with carbon black, UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are also excellent for outdoor applications.

Micro-Irrigation Pipe

UNIPOL™ PE Pipe Products are used in micro-irrigation pipe applications that include drip tape and tubings. When formulated with carbon black, UNIPOL™ PE Products for micro-irrigation pipe is ideally suited because they are inert and do not leach any hazardous material into the soil or groundwater, exhibits high stability against the harmful UV rays of sunlight and are capable of withstanding harsh agricultural chemical service due to its high ESCR.

Conduit Pipe

UNIPOL™ PE Conduit Pipe Products cover various telecommunication cables, and electrical utility uses, including electrical service conduit, insulation sleeves, jelly filled cables and coaxial cable conduit.UNIPOL™ PE Conduit Pipe delivers excellent flexibility, high ESCR, and long life making these grades ideally suited for this application.


Let Univation’s Polyethylene Product Experts assist you in selecting the right UNIPOL™ PE Products to meet your customer’s PE applications needs.