Kazanorgsintez (KOS) Adds Metallocene Polyethylene Production to UNIPOL™ PE Reactor Line

HOUSTON - April 30, 2019 - PJSC Kazanorgsintez (KOS) has successfully produced metallocene polyethylene resin on their existing UNIPOL™ PE Reactor Line located in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, in the Russian Federation.

KOS currently operates three UNIPOL™ PE Reactor Lines that have been in operation since 1983, with KOS also completing a significant capacity expansion project in 2006. Until recently, the primary focus of KOS’ production had been HDPE applications including ISO certified PE100 pipe, large part blow molding (LPBM), household-industrial-chemical (HIC) blow molding grades and HDPE film. The addition of metallocene PE adds another level of diversification to KOS’ production mix allowing KOS to serve premium market segments requiring high-performance metallocene-based films including applications such as stretch hood, lamination and agricultural films.

“Over the years, KOS and Univation have worked in close collaboration on many projects. This most recent addition of Univation’s XCAT™ Metallocene PE Technology to our UNIPOL™ PE Reactor Line is the culmination of KOS and the Univation teams working together to achieve this successful implementation,” stated Mr. Timur Sulteev, KOS Deputy to General Director for Commerce. “KOS is proud to be recognized as the only domestic producer of metallocene linear-low density polyethylene, and we look forward to satisfying our community of regional film processors with competitive, high-quality metallocene resin grades.”

Dr. Steven F. Stanley, President of Univation Technologies, added, “For over 30 years, KOS has produced a broad array of consistent, advantaged HDPE products for the Russian market – including more than 10 years producing bimodal high-pressure pipe resin using our PRODIGY™ Bimodal HDPE Technology.” Dr. Stanley continued, “It was a natural evolution for KOS to add yet another high-performance application to their portfolio in the form of Univation’s XCAT™ Metallocene PE Technology, and it serves to highlight the flexibility of UNIPOL™ PE Technology that enables licensees to rapidly upgrade product capabilities with minimal modification to their plants.”

About PJSC Kazanorgsintez (KOS)
PJSC Kazanorgsintez is the largest domestic producer of ethylene polymers and copolymers and the leading chemical enterprise in the Russian Federation boasting of its strategic importance for the economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan as a member of TAIF Group. For more information, visit kazanorgsintez.ru.

About Univation Technologies, LLC
Univation Technologies is the global leader in licensed polyethylene technology. Univation has a proven track record of delivering process, product and catalyst technologies as well as related technical services to the global polyethylene industry for more than 50 years. More than one-third of all HDPE and LLDPE resins produced globally is supplied by the industry-leading UNIPOL™ PE Process. Univation is also the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of conventional and advanced polyethylene polymerization catalysts designed specifically for the UNIPOL™ PE Process. For more information, visit univation.com.

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