Infrastructure markets include the physical structure required for growth and proper functioning of communities, including roads, buildings, landfills, etc. Infrastructure growth also includes the addition of pipelines to transport water, provide proper drainage, and transport hydrocarbon streams for energy use and olefins derivative production.

Pressure Pipe

The gas distribution market uses plastic as well as metal piping components. Water distribution includes applications such as potable water delivery and irrigation for agriculture. The potable water applications include new installations as well as the relining of older, decaying concrete pipes. Polyethylene is well-suited for pipe applications due to its light-weight, ease of production and installation, ability to withstand required pipeline pressures, and it’s inherently non-corrosive.

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Corrugated Drainage Pipe

Major uses for non-pressure pipe and corrugated drainage pipe include storm water drainage for roadways, parking lots, building foundations and similar. Applications also include automotive (wire harnesses and heater/defroster air-conditioning duct), construction (footing and foundation drainage tiles, roof drainage pipe and golf course irrigation and drainage systems), appliances (venting ducts, drain piping and wire harnesses), farming (drainage and irrigation lines), medical (ducts, hoses and housing for respiratory equipment), and utilities (electrical service conduit, insulation sleeves, telephone and coaxial cable conduit). Polyethylene is often selected for use due to its optimum combination of toughness, stiffness and ESCR required in many of these applications. When compounded with carbon black, polyethylene is an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

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Conduit Pipe

Typical applications cover various electrical utilities uses, including electrical service conduit, insulation sleeves, jelly filled cables, telephone and coaxial cable conduit. Excellent flexibility, high ESCR, and high vapor / water barrier and long-life makes polyethylene well-suited for these applications.

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Geomembrane for Water Conservation & Road Liners

Common geomembrane applications include industrial/municipal waste, hazardous waste containment, landfill caps, potable water, and recreational containment. Polyethylene is often the selected material due to its ability to form very wide blown film widths, chemical resistance, toughness to withstand stresses from berms and other land irregularities, and its inertness.

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